Welcome to Virvatulia

Welcome to my home page!

You can find here things my head and fingers are producing.
There is no "recepts", they are just popping up... every thing
has an own "DNA".

Perhaps because I got name Virva
Virva is an old Finnish name, it comes from a phenomenon in nature;
virvatuli = will -o´-the wisp
tulia means even fires
and I am burning to make my ideas to things by my hands.

Please, write your opinion in my Guest book = Gästbok
or for contact , click kontakt, leave your own contact info
or send your questions to info@virvatulia.se

I am just moving things in to webb shop, so it is a little bit
confusing, but hope it will be better

Hugs/ Kirsti Virva

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10.12 | 12:09

Du gör fantastiskt vackra produkter. Mvh Susanne på LammLyckan

18.02 | 14:45

Så fantastiskt fint det Du gör!
Hälsningar Verna Andersson

10.01 | 15:59
välkommen har mottagit 14
28.08 | 10:22
bildspel/galleri har mottagit 6
Du gillar den här sidan